Frequently asked stonemason questions

Want to know more about our affordable stonemasonry products and services? Read through some of our most frequently asked questions below. Or, contact the Sheridan Stone AUST office in Coffs Harbour to speak to our friendly team today.

As strong and durable as our stonework is, like anything, stone benchtops, vanities and furniture can chip, stain or mark. However, if you take the proper care, and ensure wine spills, hot liquids, oils etc. are cleaned and removed quickly, your stone should look good and stand strong for many years.

The best method is to use warm water and gently wipe down any spills immediately. If necessary, you can usually use neutral detergents which will help break down touch stains or spills.

However, make sure you do not use scourers or any type of abrasive cloth, this will scratch your stone and ruin its appearance.

Definitely. Aside from the appearance, granite and marble have a number of differences.

Granite is a tougher, more durable stone, making it the perfect choice for high traffic areas like the kitchen. Marble is a softer, more brittle stone, making it ideal for low traffic areas where it’s less likely to be damaged.

Absolutely. We’re experts in providing custom-designed and made stoneworks. If you have an idea or design in mind, come down or email in your ideas and we’ll go over them. If you haven’t got anything planned, we’re more than happy to sit down with you and design something that will blow you away.

No, we also create stone:

  • Vanities
  • Fireplaces
  • Stairs
  • Wall cladding
  • Reception desks
  • Flooring

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